“The patients I  referred to Dr. Ibric had tremendous cognitive and emotional results.”
- Dr. B. Celoni, MD, Pediatrician

“As a participant in Dr. Ibric’s internship program I have been delighted with the training and experience I have received. Combining a rigorous approach to diagnosis, Neurofeedback training with the ROSHI instrument, and the tracking of the clients progress, with a ‘person centered’ trainer/ client relationship, Dr. Ibric is a wonderful mentor and teacher. I am most grateful to have had the opportunity of studying with her.
- R. Glade. MA, LCSW, Salt Lake City, UT

“Victoria Ibric is a superb Neurofeedback trainer, clinician, and human being. She is brilliant, hard-working, kind, and ethical. I have learned a great deal from her and look forward to following her excellent work for many years to come.”
- Erik Olesen
, Owner, Olesen and Associates, Sacramento, CA

“Dr.Victoria Ibric is a true scientist who works from the heart. She maintains a careful consideration of the data as she assesses and treats people in a comprehensive way. She is one of the few neuroscientists who has broad training in Medicine, Oncology, Neurofeedback, Biofeedback and Human Potential. It was a most wonderful experience to be trained by her and learn some of her strategies that are highly effective with clients. It was very helpful to see someone who is very skilled in mainstream medicine also move fluidly in the world of complimentary or alternative care using the science that supports the practice and measuring the outcomes. Overall Dr Ibric is a resource without peer and a gifted healer of body, mind and spirit.”
- Dr. M. Marie Green
, Utah

“Dr. Victoria Ibric is an expert in Neurotherapy and as a teacher of Neurology and Neurotherapy. She does original research in Neurotherapy and is well known for her work with the Roshi and pRoshi . I have great respect for her work and consult her often in regard to Neurotherapy and the use of the Roshi and pRoshi.”
- Dr. Steven Overcash, Pennsylvania

“I recommend Dr. Ibric for Neurofeedback services. She is an expert in the field and has an impressive resume.”
- Jorge Minor, M.D.
, Good Samaritean Hospital, LA, CA


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