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Neurofeedback in ADD and conduct disorder

Have you ever heard anyone say “It’s all in your mind” as a way to dismiss illness, pain or anxiety? Conventional wisdom has tended to belittle the mind and its role in our lives. We are given a mechanical or chemistry based model of how our bodies work, in which pills and surgery are the primary methods of treatment.

Neurofeedback/Biofeedback is a scientifically proven discipline that restores the mind to its rightful role as the controlling organ of the entire body. NF/BF is about discovering and harnessing your mind’s power to heal, to relieve pain, to overcome depression, and renew spirit.

When you hurt, your mind is controlling the pain. When you become ill your mind is directly involved in the disease.  When you are sad, happy, or afraid, your mind is at work, delivering messages to your nervous system.  The mind is always part of the picture, affecting the body in countless ways.  By getting your body to collaborate with your mind, you can form an active partnership that allows you to heal, restore, and renew yourself.

With Neurofeedback You Learn To take Control Of Your Life!

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