“Six years after NF training ended, I am still receiving the benefits of my training session with Dr. Ibric. I recognize that my skills and creative abilities have not only increased, but are much more stable and accessible!” Peak Performance!
- Martin Perlich, Writer & Broadcaster

“Victoria has helped my son with neurological problems of a long standing nature. He has progressed remarkably over the last year becoming much happier and more stable. We were about at the end of our rope before we found her and the change looking back at the last year is in the miracle range.”
- Russell Orrell, Los Angeles, CA

“I don’t feel like Humpty Dumpty any more!”
- Student, Montrose, CA

“Dr. Ibric’s gentle supporting and compassionate approach to me as a patient, has encouraged me to work toward recovery from chronic pain in a more focused manner and I now approach my obstacles with a more positive point of view.
- Client, Los Angeles, CA

“I no longer feel like running away from home”
- Student, Sierra Madre, CA

“My son is in the autistic spectrum.  He’s considered high-functioning. Before he started his Neurofeedback training with Dr. Ibric, his performance at school was suffering.  He had trouble focusing and fidgeted a lot.  Keeping him on task was a challenge.  After several months of NF training my son’s teacher and assistant could not believe the change!  He’s focusing more, thereby receiving better grades and enjoying school to boot!   He no longer dreads getting up and attending class on a daily basis.”
- Mary Baker, Studio City, CA

“I was suffering from an inability to stay asleep…..After only two months of sessions, I was starting to sleep more often through the night.  I no longer awaken suddenly for no reason.  But what is even more surprising is my increased mental awareness.”
- Client, CA

“Biofeedback has given our family and school personnel a great deal of hope not only for my son, but, for other children.”
-Parent, Upland, CA

“I am so proud of myself. I was able to walk away from a fight at school today.” Behavior problems!
- Student, Pasadena, CA

“My son is literally vaulting over the competition at the University of California, Berkeley. He was smart to begin with, unquestionably, but his work with you has certainly gone a long way to unleashing the potential that he possesses.” Peak Performance!
- Parent, San Marino, CA
“After my head injury as a child, I suffered for years from insomnia, learning problems, limiting compulsive behaviors, severe depression, and reduced social awareness. My soul was shattered. Neurofeedback with Dr. Ibric knitted me back together, allowing my mind to gently heal. Today I am happy, connected, sleeping, and free to live again. Dr. Ibric is not only a world-class clinician in her field but also an empathetic and gifted healer. I recommend her unreservedly!”

-Alec O., Los Angeles, CA
“I have suffered from migraines since I was 12 years old. The past two years have been the worst ever, and I have had two episodes of chronic migraines where I had a persistent migraine every day for up to a month. I have also been struggling with depression caused by the constant pain that I had to deal with while try to live life. I have seen a handful of neurologists and all of them tried practically every drug under the sun on me but to little or no avail. Sometimes the medications that were supposedly helping me had worst side effects than the migraines! After last episode, I was forced to go back on medicine to maintain my headaches, but I also had heard about biofeedback and I decided to give it a try. I did some online research and found the Neurofeedback and NeuroRehab Institute and I made an appointment with Dr. Ibric. I really didn’t know what to expect, and honestly I’m still not sure how it works exactly, but it does work.

There were times I would walk in with a headache and walk out without a headache. Not even medication could get rid of my headaches that quickly. After 20 sessions, I feel my body is much more balanced, and I am able to exercise and run again five days a week, which feels great. I am able to focus at work much better and I am really appreciating the times I am completely pain free now! I have been able to get off two of the three medications I was taking, and I hope to get off the last one soon. Thank you.
-Megan A,  Los Angeles, CA

” I had plenty of different treatments for my seizure condition after the status epilepticus. None worked. I was no less desperate then, 5 years after the status, when I used Chuck’s pROSHI, and reluctantly I might add, but something happened immediately upon using the device. My hands stopped to tremor while on the pROSHI. This intrigued me, because the doctors had used everything but L-Dopa to get my tremors under control and that was only because I refused their offer to take it. They had a tendency to get very intense.
By the time I used the pROSHI the seizures were coming multiple times a day. The physicians had some success, because I was able to walk with a walker and talk again. Plus, the intensity of the seizures was reduced. I was also no longer having generalized seizures. But following the use of the pROSHI, which I was frightened to use and resisted using it for some time, in 2004, Chuck sent the device home with me and I used it regularly. My seizures immediately began to improve to the point that I rarely have any seizures at all. But, the pROSHI is prophylactic in its effect. If I stop using it after a while I start to have partial seizures. This is what makes me believe it is not at all a placebo effect. In addition to the effect it has had on my seizures it helps my wife’s stress and depression and my pain is masked incredibly well when I use it. If I am having a bad pain day I put it on and I get relief. The pain comes back after I take it off, but it is less intense. It has helped me cope with stress and depression as well. But, if I don’t use it I get no relief. I have recommended it to other people who live with seizure disorder and chronic disease and they have had similar experiences. Dr. Victoria Ibric works with a patient population that includes seizure patients and they respond as I did. This cannot be placebo, and I had not responded to placebo before. The fact that it is prophylactic also leads me to believe it is not placebo. If I don’t use it, it does not work. This is not a typical placebo effect.  Placebos usually, wane in their effect with chronic disease patients. This has not failed to work for me over many years now.”
-Tom Allen, Biloxi, MS

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